Highest Yielding Stocks On The Dow

Would you rather receive a 0.2% annual interest rate from a Bank of America regular savings account or instead pull in a whopping 7.2% annual dividend through investing in Bank of America stock?

Dow Industrials newcomer Bank of America leads the list as the highest current yielder of all 30 Dow stocks. Chevron , the other recent Dow addition enters the list with a 2.7% yield (just slightly above the median). Hewlett-Packard's 0.7% yield came in at the lowest level (although it's still a more attractive return than that Bank of America regular savings account mentioned above).

Here's a look at the entire list from top to bottom:

Highest Yielders On The Dow Industrials

Dividend Yield (%)
Highest BAC 7.2
C 6.5
PFE 6.2
GM 5.2
VZ 5.1
T 4.6
JPM 4.2
GE 3.7
MRK 3.7
DD 3.5
HD 3.5
Average --- 3.0
MCD 2.7
CVX 2.7
JNJ 2.6
KO 2.6
Median --- 2.6
MMM 2.6
INTC 2.5
BA 2.1
PG 2.1
CAT 1.9
UTX 1.9
WMT 1.9
AIG 1.9
AA 1.8
AXP 1.8
XOM 1.6
MSFT 1.6
IBM 1.4
DIS 1.1
Lowest HPQ 0.7
Source: CNBC.com (Yield based on closing prices as of Mar 14, 2008)

The Bank of America regular savings account interest rate of 0.20% is accurate as of 3/16/2008 according to information retrieved from Bank of America's website.