Electricity Stocks That'll Power Your Portfolio


If a company is involved in the distribution of electricity -- plug that stock right into your portfolio, says Kent Croft.

"We like the outlook for electrical grid spending, both here in North America and abroad," the fund manager told CNBC.

His five-star Croft Value Fund has powered its way to an average annual gain of 17.8 percent over the last five years.


His top pick is General Cable.

"General Cable is the largest domestic producer of electric utility cables, so they directly benefit from increased spending to upgrade the reliability of the grid," he said.

"Regulatory commissions across the country have increased the allowable rate of returns for transmission distribution spending...they've realized that we do have a reliability problem."

Croft also likes ABB.

"They're a worldwide leader in the production of power distribution equipment," he said. "They have domestic presence, but also are very leveraged to the growth of the grid overseas, where we've been having some problems recently."


Croft owns both stocks through his fund.