Alona Bondarenko And The "Keep It Pure" Mystery

Source: Tennis Magazine

Last week, we introduced you to Alona Bondarenko and her K-Swiss ad. Satisfied that people have now seen that (no we're not that's why we're showing it again), we contacted the WTA and asked for some time with Ms. Bondarenko.

We spoke on phone after her second round victory at the Bausch & Lomb Championships on Thursday night.

Darren: Alona, you've become quite the sensation here. Fans of the Sports Biz bloghere really thought highly of your K-Swiss ad.

Alona: It's a nice picture.

Darren: I agree. Have you heard it from the players on tour?

Alona: (Chuckle) Yeah. Tennis Magazine is in the players lounge so I've had a lot of players come up to me and tell me it's beautiful.

Darren: Where did you take that picture?

Alona: It was at the end of the year in Brazil. In Rio De Janiero.

Darren: Do you think you look like Anna Kournikova in that ad?

Alona: Some of my friends did. Some of them saw the billboard of the ad in New York City and they were sure it was Anna. We might look a little similar in that ad, but not in real life.

Darren: Alona, thanks for your time.

Alona: Thanks.

Darren: Wait, what does "Keep It Pure" mean?

Alona: (Dial tone).

So the "Keep It Pure" mystery continues. I guess we'll have to go to the K-Swiss people for that.

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