"National That Sucks Day" (Need I Say More About April 15th?)

Yes, tomorrow is tax day. It's also the day Abraham Lincoln died, and the day the Titanic went down. Nice.

In observation of all this and more, FlashNews says Bruce Novotny, whom it describes as a "holiday creator" (how does one apply for THAT job?) has dubbed April 15th "National That Sucks Day." Novotny runswww.thatsucks.net, which opines on all kinds of things which bother him.

Take the female astronaut accused of trying to kidnap her lover's girlfriend. What bothers Novotny is that this NASA genius chose pepper spray and a BB gun as her alleged weapons instead of something more sci-fi. Novotny also thinks another story sucks: an angry pet shop customer allegedly attacking the store's owner with a dead Chihuahua puppy. Even March Madness sucks. "There was only one winner, so it sucked for 63 teams."

Here's what sucks. I actually went to the website and spent much of the morning there enjoying myself. We even created our own "Happy 'That Sucks Day'" card!

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