The Cheapest Nat Gas Stock

It being Earth Day, the holiest day of Green Week on Mad Money, Cramer would be remiss if he didn’t talk natural gas. This is the year of natural gas, he’s been saying, the “replacement fuel” that is one of the cleanest, greenest and most profitable sources of energy we have. And he thinks El Paso is a great way to play it.

EP is both a nat gas pipeline and exploration company. Even though it’s got everything, it’s been overlooked – the stock is up a mere 3% so far this year compared to an average of 31% for its peers. Cramer thinks that’s because, frankly, people get confused about EP. Is it a pipeline play or a production play? Well, it’s both, and that’s the beauty of it.

The exploration and production division is growing spectacularly, Cramer said, with double-digit revenue growth and falling costs. On the pipeline side, EP is already a leader with commitments to invest billions to expand its network.

Cramer is a fan of the CEO, too. Douglas Foshee came in and rescued this company a few years back and is now buying tens of thousands of shares of the company for himself. Cramer’s said it before: insiders buy their own stock for one reason – because they think it’s going higher.

The bottom line is that this is the cheapest nat gas play around in the year of nat gas, Cramer said. He would add it to the pantheon of other great gas stocks like Anadarko , Apache , XTO , Devon , and Chesapeake .

Jim's charitable trust owns El Paso and XTO.

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