Stock Picks to Make You Stay in May

The old adage advises investors to "sell in may and go away." But CNBC asked the experts for stock picks that might that might make investors stay in the game this month.

May Bargains

[On Airgas ] “This is the leader in industrial gases, basically growing their earnings at 25 percent, trading at 14 times. We see it as a great value here…It's one of the things that doesn't get looked at a lot; it's an industrial name; people look at the cycle and say it's too early to get into the industrials, (but) this is one of the leaders, and I think you can buy it now."

Art Hogan, Jefferies Managing Director

Hogan also recommends: Broadcom , Cameron International , Charles River Laboratories , DryShips , Dynegy , Hornbeck Offshore , Scientific Games , Tupperware and Ultra Petroleum

The Case for Harley Davidson

[On Harley Davidson ] “The is one of their first declines in earnings they’ve experienced since they’ve been a publicly traded company. They have been affected by the slowdown in high-end retail, which is where they are in the United States, but their overseas business is now growing at almost 20 percent a year; it’s now 25 percent of total, and that’s helping…As we come out of this slowdown, I think that stock is going to perform well. They did raise their dividend by just over 10 percent.”

James Hardesty, Hardesty Capital Management Market Strategist

Bullish on Brazil

"They really have everything that the world is consuming right now. Tie that along with getting investment-grade by S&P a little bit sooner than everyone expected, and it starts to come together."

Tom Del Zoppo. HSBC Head of Cash Equities, Americas

Del Zoppo recommends: Petrobras