The Courage To Change: Your Ultimate Playbook

Hard times are forcing Americans to make changes every day. These changes are difficult, they're frightening. But CHANGE brings a unique opportunity to live a bigger life.

When you reach your must-change moment, will you have the tools and the guts to make a complete 180 and be the hero of your American dream? Your playbook to success starts here.

Round 1: Your Plays
- Feel the fear, and do it anyways
- Watch for the red flags that you need a change
-Turn interest into commitment
- Create a change-conducive environment

Round 2: Your Plays
- Give your goal a color and specific description
- Have change mentors
- Sometimes you just have to tell your brain to shut up

Round 3: Your Plays
- Begin at the end...come up with a plan by working backwards from your ultimate goal
- Immersion leads to conversion
- Find your wingman to give you tough love
- Don't quit first, straddle your old and new ventures
- Question whether what you're doing is worth trading your life for

Round 4: Your Plays
- Do a "gap analysis"...where you are right now vs. where you want to get
- Determine your optimal selling strategy before you go all-in
- If the new venture can make money today..let it!

Donny and our panel break give you their ultimate playbook: