Lightning Round: Apple, JetBlue, Marvel and More If AMZN weren't a retailer, Cramer would call AMZN a buy. But Costco's the only name in that sector he'll recommend. "I can't get behind Amazon above $80."

JetBlue Airways: Cramer won't recommend airline stocks right now. "It is a terrible thing to own an airline," he said.

Citizens Republic Bancorp: "That's one of those banks that I think even if it recovered would not make you money. I think that, that is a poor stock." Sell, sell, sell.

Apple: "I don't want you to have a full position in Apple." Cramer recommended scaling into the stock, meaning sell your holdings a bit at a time as the launch of the new third-generation iPhone approaches. The share price should increase as the date approaches. Use the trend to cash in.

Marvel : Cramer likes the company, but MVL's already had a good run, so he can't recommend it here.

Grainger: "No!"

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