Pork, Pics And Pans

First, pork.

Currently in Des Moines at the World Pork Expo--more on that tomorrow. I had my first "Iowa Chop," a two-inch thick massive pork chop from the center part of the loin grilled up and served with a really cold beer. It was good. My heart stopped working for a time and I had to go buy larger pants...but it was good.


Next, pics.

Some things on the internet age like fine wine. A relatively old blog has come back bigger and better, the "Olan Mills Awesomeness" post. In it, alleged actual photographs taken at Olan Mills studios over the years are posted with hilarious captions. Like the one you see posted.

"Thoughtful Lance. Mirthful Lance. Two sides of a delightful coin."

See many more here.

Finally, pans.

GUEST BLOGGER AND COLLEAGUE BERTHA COOMBS alerts us to more evidence that plain speaking has become a lost art. (I blame Six Sigma.)

From Bertha:

Bertha Coombs
Bertha Coombs


There's been plumbing back-up at work that has the place wreaking of rotten eggs. The folks in CNBC's building maintenance department say they're taking care of the plumbing, and as for the smell, here's what they wrote in an email:

"To address this we have opened all exterior penetrations to the outside and have increased the mechanical fan operation to pull additional outside air. In addition we are increasing the cooling supply air volume."

Apparently they really don't do windows, or doors or vents. Here's to throwing open you exterior penetrations to the "outside"!

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