Sex and the Stimulus Package: "More Bang For The Buck"?!


It seems the down economy is hurting every business, even the oldest profession. The Moonlight BunnyRanch in Carson City, a legal brothel featured on HBO's "Cathouse," is offering the first 100 customers who show up with their stimulus rebate checks twice the "services" for the same price.

They're calling it, (this is where I clear my throat uncomfortably), "more bang for your buck." The BunnyRanch is a place Larry Flynt calls "America's Hottest Cat House," and he oughtta know. I checked out the website, which I won't link to here--we're a family operation--and among the pictures of employees was a photo of the brothel's owner at the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner with Rita Cosby!

The ranch is also offering to reimburse customers who paid American Airlines $15 to check a bag, patrons "who otherwise might feel screwed at 30,000 feet."

As for the stimulus offer, a guy who brings in an entire $1,200 check gets a special deal: three women and a bottle of bubbly. Anyone notice that a guy with a $1,200 check is married to qualify for that amount?

But wait, there's more! The legal bordello plans to have all 100 customers, plus some of the Bunnies, sign a thank you card and send it to President...Bush. Oy.

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