Two China Solar Energy Stocks

Five-star fund manager Gerald Jordan finds power for his portfolio across the spectrum of energy stocks. His Jordan Opportunity Fund is up nearly 12 percent in this troubled year.

Jordan is very selective about energy sources: He's enthusiastic about solar power, less so about wind energy.

"Wind is going to become less effective over time, whereas solar is just starting to ramp, and there's a lot more locations for solar," he told CNBC.


He likes two Chinese solar-energy companies.

"JA Solar and Yingli Green both have terrific management teams; they've executed extraordinarily well; they've got good access to polysilicon," he said. "As prices stay high, that helps them; as they come down, they'll be able to cut price to compete against some of the other, big-name companies, and still keep their margins high."

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Currently, the largest energy holdings in his fund are more conventional service companies, Schlumberger and Weatherford International.

"(They're) going to benefit from natural-gas prices getting better, so that turns North America around, and continued drilling, both on land, and particularly offshore, on the international waters," he said.


Disclosure information for Gerald Jordan was not immediately available.