Doctations Helps Consolidate Medical Records


Are your medical records scattered between doctors who don't talk to each other? Would you like to be able to communicate directly with your doctor? Well, now you can. It all comes together on the Internet at a site called
Dr. Louis Cornacchia, CEO and Founder of Doctations explains.

What is Doctations?
It's a new way to do healthcare. Doctations turns a doctor's practice into a Web-based integrated community where colleagues and patients can have immediate access to key information. Using Doctations, doctors can create and save digital medical records in seconds, share medical data with physicians, and more. It lets patients upload, analyze and manage their medical information, request prescription refills, schedule appointments and communicate securely with their doctor. Doctations even allows physicians to electronically communicate directly with community pharmacies.

Why the name "Doctations?"
It's a combination of doctor, communications, and documentation.

What is unique about a doctors' Internet site?
This one truly brings everything together in one place. It's got low overhead and high margins. It's a subscription based model, so there's returning revenue. It's green, because it's all on the internet so staff can work remotely from home. And it's socially positive, promoting overall health care efficiency and an improved doctor/patient relationship.

What does a subscription cost?
It's free to patients. For doctors there are 3 tiers: free, which includes scheduling, Rx refills, and looking up information. $35, aimed at part time doctors, with fees per transactions. And $2200, aimed at full time doctors, which includes everything.

How many doctors are signed up?
We are still in the testing phase and starting to open it up to doctors. Right now there are just under 40 doctors on board.

Over 80 percent of doctors have no electronic medical records and none are on the internet in this way. We use cutting edge technology.

Where did your startup funding come from ? When do you expect to turn a profit?
We have angel investors, friends and family and physicians. And we're beginning round A to raise money. We're planning to go public. The goal is to raise $10m in the next few months. We expect to be cash positive within 12 months. With 750 physicians at that point. We're developing contracts with 2 large hospital chains that will give us access to well over 1000 doctors.

And what's the benefit to consumers?
Ultimately the consumer will end up with an internet platform for scheduling appointments, for Rx refills, to connect and communicate securely with their physicians, to store documents in one place and to share records with other doctors as they choose, so everyone is looking at the same information.