The Future of Oil: What the Experts Are Saying

Saudi Arabia held a meeting of oil producers and policy makers this past weekend—the country promised to boost current production to 9.7 million barrels per day and outlined a plan to bring total production capacity up to 15 million barrels per day in the future.

CNBC asked the experts to share their thoughts on the Saudi oil summit and the future of oil.

Have the Saudis Done Enough?

Dan Yergin, of Cambridge Energy, and John Kilduff, of MF Global, discuss the Saudi oil summit and whether enough was done.

Oil Price Outlook

Kevin Kerr, editor of Resource Trader Alert, says we will see $200 oil very soon.

Future of Crude

Peter Beutel, of Cameron Hanover, and Addison Armstrong, of Tradition Energy, discuss Saudi Arabia's oil summit and what the future holds for crude.

Suspending the Fuel Tax

Mike Jackson, chairman and CEO of AutoNation, the largest car dealer in the United States, says the U.S. needs higher fuel prices to change its energy addictions.

How Realistic is Clean Coal?

Steve Miller, of the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity, and Paul Forward, of Stifel Nicolaus, discuss how realistic the call for clean coal is.