Taking Issue with Florida's Drill Ban

All through the weekend the emails kept coming in on drilling. Many were continuing the general debate, but a good portion were aimed at one particular guest on CNBC Friday.

That guest was Florida's chief financial officer (an elected official), who appeared on "Squawk Box" to voice opposition to opening up drilling operations off the state's eastern coast. That stance drew ire from many of you. ...

She wants to protect the beaches and the tourism industry. Well, she will have nice beaches, full of seagulls because humans won't be able to afford to drive or fly there. -- Gene

Most of you made that point. Others took issue with Alex Sink's alternatives.

The CFO of Florida says drilling is too long-term to be a solution, but everything else she suggests would take longer. Change the mind-set of the people and get off oil? Maybe in two generations at best. -- JD

You may not agree with her, but you got to give her credit for coming on to argue another point of view. You can watch the interview in full in the video.