Mad Mail: Trading vs. Investing

Dear Jim: In your game plan a few weeks ago, you said judging by the Standard and Poor’s Oscillator, you expected a multi-day rally to ensue. You recommended several stocks: Wells Fargo , Toll Brothers and Owens Corning . Since then, the market has not rallied. At this point, should I hold these stocks and continue to wait for the rally or should I dump them? --Jerry

Cramer says: I’m of two minds here. The S&P Oscillator is still oversold so I would say to give this trade another week but I could also say the trade was just wrong this time. Remember, though, that Game Plans are for trading, not investing – Friday is the only day of the week this show as a trading mentality.


Mr. Cramer: I think that throwing the popcorn at the Wall Of Shame after your staff requested it was mean and inconsistent with the image you are trying to project on your show. You owe your staff an apology, and some popcorn. -–Jeff

Cramer says: It was gratuitous, mean … and in jest, so lighten up!


Hey Jim: Yesterday, you said there's no pure play on LED technology, but what about Cree ? It’s an LED pure play and very interesting company.

Raleigh, NC is implementing some street lighting using CREE LEDs. Same lighting with highly reduced recurring costs. The reduction in electricity consumption is nice, but the real gain is the reduction in maintenance. LEDs last significantly longer than current solutions. Less replacement means less manpower on cherry pickers risking life and limb to change a light bulb.

Stock is currently near 52-week low and definitely worth investigating further. --Ian

Cramer says: Cree is a loser. It’s been a serial disappointer and I won’t recommend it.

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