Tiger Apple Core Is Fake Until Proven Real


Why do journalists think that everything that is posted on eBay is automatically authentic? Buyers certainly don't.

I guess because you can't automatically dial up the buyer or the seller, so the media just gets lazy. I've received several notes as to why I haven't been reporting on Tiger's U.S. Open "apple core," which "sold" on eBay today for $36,000. Everyone else has written or broadcast it.

Well, I just e-mailed the "buyer" of the apple and here's what he wrote back: "Actually, a buddy of mine thought it would be funny to bid on that. I don't even make that much in a year."

Would you really spend $36,000 on what someone is calling Tiger's apple core with only a photo of Tiger (not eating the apple, mind you) and this description?

"I was at the US Open this Friday, following Tiger Woods down the 12th Fairway, after his tee shot, he was eating an apple, 30 yards from his ball he discarded his apple core in the rough, I asked a photographer to kick it over my way, and he did, I never touched the core, Scooped it up in a empty beer cup, as not to disrupt the DNA, I've got lots of witness'...all moneys go to my daughters college fund."

So let's get this straight. Tiger Woods, after finishing his apple, chucked the apple in the rough? Then a photographer kicked it over to this guy? You buying that?

I've sent an e-mail to the seller, who predictably has no eBay feedback (0) to give him a chance to respond with some more evidence. Photo of Tiger chucking the apple? Letter from Tiger saying he chucked the apple?

Until then, based on what I've seen, I'm not buying that this is Tiger's apple. And either is the winning bidder!

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