New Survey: You're Ticked Off About Lack Of Energy Policy


So who do you blame for high gas prices?

According to the latest survey from Consumer Reports, the fault lies with the federal government for not having a national energy policy. This is not a Republican complaint or a Democrat complaint, it's a government complaint.

The CR survey found people place the blame for high gas prices first on the government, then on the foreign oil companies, and third is a tie between Congress and Middle East conflicts.

In short, you the people are fed up. Frankly, I don't blame you for being upset, but I doubt anything will change anytime soon. While both Obama and McCain camps will pledge a new, cohesive national energy policy, I don't expect the gridlock in Washington to get something effective done.

Meanwhile, a new survey by J.D. Power finds new vehicle buyers are not happy because of how much they are spending on gas. In fact only compact car buyers showed in increase in their satisfaction.

All this may explain why J.D. Power's Power Information Network finds that in the first half of June 52% of the cars sold in this country came with 4 cylinders. That is a dramatic shift from May of last year, when roughly a third of the models were powered by small engines. Clearly the public is ready to drive not just compact cars, but also sedans, crossovers, even SUVs with smaller more fuel efficient engines.

How big is the demand for "4 bangers" right now? For a report on 4 cylinder vehicles I did this morning on the Today Show, Ford did not have a 4 cylinder Escape crossover in the New York area for us to show on camera, in part because those models are selling so quickly.

Ford , GM , Chrysler are all pushing hard to crank out more small engine models. There's a sea change going on, and the consumer is making it clear, they want more fuel efficiency behind the wheel.

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