GM's Market Value Is Only $7 Billion—Half That of Avon

General Motors
General Motors

How the mighty have fallen.

At one time, General Motorswas considered the pre-eminent US corporation, a giant among giants.

But now, on news that Goldman Sachs reduced the company's rating to "sell", GM's shares have plummeted to less than $12, the lowest level since 1955.

That means the world's largest auto maker has a stock market value of only about $7 billion. That compares with a market cap of about $56 billion in 2000, when the stock was at its all-time high of $94.62 a share.

To put that in even more perspective, GM's market value is now roughly equivalent to that of tax-preparation provider H&R Block or toy maker Mattel.

Even more humbling for the auto maker, GM's value is now:

  • Half that of cosmetics company Avon
  • A third of cruise operator Carnival Cruiselines
  • A quarter of Internet media company Yahoo!
  • A fifth of online auction house Ebay
  • A sixth of retailer Home Depot
  • A seventh of biotech firm Amgen's league
  • An eighth of drugstore chain CVS
  • A ninth of fast-food giant McDonald's

Last, but not least, GM is now 1/66th the size of fellow Dow component Exxon.