Latest Tiger Apple Update: The Saga Continues

Looks like I'm starting to believe this Tiger apple story a little bit more, after one of the friends of the seller, Marty Kunkel, has come forward to confirm the details and told me he would sign an affidavit proclaiming his account to be true.

Here's a note from Ken LaCivita of First U.S. Advisors in Tempe, Arizona:

I was with Marty when Tiger tossed his apple on the 12th fairway. We were standing next to a lady that said she would confirm it, and Marty gave her his email address. After Tiger tossed the core, a man carrying a very large camera stepped close to it. We called out to him to kick it back to us. He said not to worry about it, thinking we were concerned about it being garbage. Then it came to him, and asked us if it was Tiger's. He then rolled his eyes, went back to it, and kicked to us. The man with the camera had an accent of some sort, may of been English. Marty then scooped it up in a plastic cap, and showed everyone his new Tiger apple core.

Now we're waiting to see if this apple ever gets sold, after the person who bid $36,000 backed out.

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