Stock Picker: Take the Plunge

In a market where some see the glass almost completely empty, Walter Gerasimowicz sees opportunity.

The founder and chief investment strategist of Meditron Asset Management believes now is the time for the investor to get off the sidelines.

"Many of our clients and investors ask us, 'Where's this market going?' and I tell them, that's the wrong question," he said. "The real question is: 'Where should I invest now?'"

His answers currently center on companies involved in global infrastructure.


At the top of his list is Jacobs Engineering.

"This is a 50-year-old company that has over 160 offices in 20 countries," he said. "They have contracts coming in on a weekly basis from the Air Force. They're building bridges in Scotland. They're decommissioning...a nuclear power plant in the U.K."

He also likes industrial services firm Harsco and offshore drilling company Atwood Oceanics.


Disclosure information for Walter Gerasimowicz was not immediately available.