Recap: Janine Driver's tips from the show


No matter what you're selling.. you can't just listen to what the other person is telling you. You've got to see what they're telling you as well.

Every thought, every emotion a person tries to lock away inside... is revealed in a hidden language of gesture, posture and facial expressions. And if you know the hidden code... you'll be able to spot everything from dishonesty to disinterest.

And the woman who knows the code better than anyone.. is Janine Driver, the human lie-detector who's spent more than a decade with the Department of Justice, and trained more than 30-thousand police officers in how to listen.. with their eyes. Here is the recap from the show:

What you need to know about Body Language

- 93% of communication is non-verbal- Look for deviations in normal behavior - changes in eye contact
- The "Belly Button Rule" - We face our belly button towards the person who we are most attracted to
- Three Zones must be open: The Neck Dimple (Represents deception), The Belly Button, and the "Naughty Bits"
- Nose wrinkles are micro-expressions of disgust... look for them as indicators for disapproval or contempt
- A "Broad Side Display" can help you create a bigger space and become more persuasive.
- If someone is not open, do something to uncross their arms, widen their stance, etc. (Hand them a glass of water or change their attention so that they must go into an open stance)
- Nervous people normally look down and can miss much of what is being communicated to you

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