Your Gameplan For Second Half of ’08


Write-downs have been a drag on the financials for the entire first half of ‘08. Just last Thursday Goldman Sachs urged investors to sell banks on renewed concerns about profits. How should you play in the second half?

According to Sandler O'Neil Securities Analyst Jeff Harte more write-downs will come, but after this quarter they should begin to slow. As a result the pounding in the financials should ease but rebound prospects are bleak.

“I’m still pretty cautious in the near term,” Harte tells the Fast Money traders. Harte also says consolidation is likely but not with brokers. Instead he expects to see M&A in the regional bank space.

“The companies that are going to come out of this the best are those that are managed the best. In broker-land I think Goldman will come out stronger with Morganclose behind. And on the bank side I think JP Morganwill come out strong.”

“But money center banks and investment banks move before things get better. So the trick here is to be pretty vigilant and watch.”

Traders what do you think?

I like JP Morgan, says Joe Terranova

I own Citibank, adds Karen Finerman

It wouldn’t surprise me to see M&A in the space, adds Guy Adami.

Not going to do it, exclaims Pete Najarian.


#2 – $200 OIL

With crude rising climbing to $143 and nat gas surging 76% due to emerging markets demand, how should you play energy in the second half?

I like coal and natural gas in the energy space, says Joe Terranova. Natural gas has a tendency to weaken in July. If it dips, I think it’s a buy in August.

I agree, adds Pete Najarian. Every pull back in nat gas and coal is a buying opportunity. I’m a big believer in global demand.

I like Golar, adds Karen Finerman, as a liquid nat gas play.

Or look at oil services stocks, adds Guy Adami.

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