Can You Beat The Market With This ETF Portfolio?

With more than 600 ETFs to choose from, building an ETF portfolio can seem a bit overwhelming for the average investor. That's why we asked two ETF experts to start with some simple principles and create a basic portfolio that is fairly easy to assemble.

David Kotok, chief investment officer of Cumberland Advisors and Matt Hougan, editor of, a publication that tracks ETFs, did just that. (See video)

Below is the low-cost portfolio they've put together using only half a dozen ETFs. We'll be tracking the portfolio's performance over the summer, comparing it to the S&P 500 average. Check back daily for the latest information.

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Kotok-Hougan Low-Cost ETF Portfolio

Purchase Price (7/1/08)
Last Price
Current Value
Today's Change
Overall Change
SPY 30% 128.38 128.38 $30,095.81 -$327.15 $95.81
EFA 25% 67.93 63.57 $23,395.41 -$69.92 -$1,604.59
VWO 10% 45.51 41.06 $9,022.19 -$103.27 -$977.81
BND 15% 75.90 76.3 $15,079.05 -$19.76 $79.05
DBC 10% 45.57 37.76 $8,286.15 -$30.72 -$1,713.85
RWX 10% 46.46 44.29 $9,532.93 -$25.83 -$467.07
Initial Investment: $100,000PortfolioCurrent Value: $95,411.55Last Day's Gain/Loss: -$525.01Total Gain/Loss: -$4,588.45S&PClose 7/1: 1284.91Last Price: 1282.83 Current Value: $98,838.12Total Gain/Loss: -$161.88