The New Way To Play The Game of Achievement

By Mel Robbins
There's a new way to play the game of achievement. A little bit of S.O.B. can go a long way,


but it doesn't involve treating others as if you are Simon Cowell or Donald Trump.

Simon can afford to be an S.O.B. He's on TV and he owns the show! And Donald may be an S.O.B. in the boardroom - but underneath the tough veneer - he's a respected and decent guy who's driven by passion. Just check out the interview I did with him in the Atrium of Trump Towers. His swagger of success comes from believing in yourself and working hard.

If you want to be play the game of achievement - definitely try your hand at not being nice - that is - not being nice to YOURSELF. Far too often, I coach people who let themselves off the hook too easily. Everyday, you can hear me nailing people on my radio show for this mistake, click here and listen in.

This week, why not try pushing yourself as far as you can possibly go? That's what a true pressure-ridden, unapologetic S.O.B. would do. They'd unleash it on themselves.

Here's how to tap your Inner S.O.B.:

-- Be an S.O.B. with your lame excuses. Excuses are for the JV Team. Your Inner S.O.B. has no excuses.

-- Be an S.O.B. with the fear that stops you in your tracks. Fear? Your Inner S.O.B. eats fear for breakfast.

-- Be an S.O.B. when people doubt you. Your Inner S.O.B. loves to prove 'em all wrong - adopt an 'I'll show you' attitude.

-- Be an S.O.B. even when YOU see no way out. No exit sign? Your Inner S.O.B. creates an off-ramp by running thru the nearest wall.

And if you aren't tough enough to do it for a week- here's the easiest way to unleash your inner S.O.B. Outsource the kick in the pants. I'm not kidding. Outsource it to me. The more you make yourself accountable to someone whose opinion you respect the more likely you will push through your excuses, your fear and your doubt.

Just email me at and I will arrange for you to be a guest on my radio show. I will help you tap into your inner S.O.B. so that you can get everything you want in your life. Don't believe me? I'll show me and find out what a true S.O.B. can help you accomplish.

- Mel