Dr Doug Hirschhorn: Choose

The financial markets stink. Inflation is rising. Milk is at record highs, gas is about $4.45 a gallon, businesses are going bankrupt... oh, and let's not forget that the housing market is


falling apart in front of our eyes. Things are so bad that at times we feel like we should just throw in the towel and surrender. Will it ever end? And more importantly, while we are forced to endure this, what can we do to survive?

I am here to tell you that it is going to be ok. In fact, better than ok because I have just the right medicine you need to heal your aching mind and soul. And it is packed in the form of four simple words: You Have a Choice.

That's right. A Choice. You see, there are things we cannot control like the price of gasoline or the housing market or the weather for that matter. But there are also things we can control, like where we allocate our time, what we think about and our overall mental attitude. Yes, that is a choice we all get to make and it is because we all have what is called Free Will. It is perhaps one of the most spectacular gifts of being a human being. We can choose to think about anything we want, in any manner we want and whenever we want.

Yeah, I know what you are thinking. Sounds nice but you really want to know how to do this don't you. Good for you and here are the steps.

Step 1 - Get a piece of paper

Step 2 - Find something to write with

Step 3 - Make a list of everything that is worrisome in your life.like the economy or the price of food or the declining value of your retirement account

Step 4 - Read the list out loud

Step 5 - (and this is an important one) now get ready to say good-bye to those fears and worry's as you rip the paper up, piece by piece. Sure the words are still there, but they don't control us anymore.

Step 6 - Throw the paper shreds away and tell them that you are going to now CHOOSE to spend your time focusing on solutions rather than worrying about the problems Step 7 get a new piece of paper and at the top write "I am tired of being the victim, I am ready to choose to take control of my mind and my life."

Step 8 - Write down all the things you are going to focus on accomplishing over the next few days. Maybe it is improving your eating habits or starting your fitness program. Maybe it is writing down the business plan for your new idea. Maybe it is just reading a book you have not been able to find the time to do.

The point is, following these eight basic steps will allow you to express your Free Will so you can now CHOOSE to move from focusing on your worry's to creating real happiness in your life. And we could all use a healthy dose of that in today's world.

If you need a little push and want to share your list, please email it to me and maybe I will be able to provide you with some feedback.

Be well, be safe and choose to make a change.

Dr. Doug