Kandi Haupt - After the Show Blog

By Kandi Haupt
Thank you CNBC and the staff of THE BIG IDEA for the opportunity to be a featured guest on the “What Men Don’t Tell Women About Business & Breaking the Alpha Code” show. I look


forward to being a guest on future shows.

My premise for participation on the show is to promote my idea that to be a successful business professional you have to be your own Alpha! I have chosen to not subscribe to either a male or female ‘playbook’, rather to create my own ‘playbook’ based upon having a BIG WHY, BIG IDEA and BIG GOALS. On the show, I spoke about being a M.O.M. (Maniac On A Mission). My definition of being a Maniac on A Mission is to put blinders on and not let anyone or anything stop you. After personally training over 25,000 people from all walks of life, I’ve discovered that your mindset and attitude determine your success, not your gender…

During the early years of being a single mom, I instinctively did what any mother would do; took care of my daughter first. One day I had a dream to start my own coaching, consulting and training company. I looked in my bank account and saw $1.11 and asked myself how was I going to start my own company? I took the $1.11, put it in an envelope under my pillow and from that moment on became 'A Maniac on a Mission!' At that exact moment of fear and excitement I had a paradigm shift; a shift in the purpose and vision for my life. I decided that I would no longer be a victim to my bank account.

I made a commitment to take care of my daughter, take charge of my life and created One-Eleven Companies, a firm that provides personal and professional coaching, business consulting and corporate training designed to take our client's personal and professional lives to the next level! The #1 reason stopping people from getting what they want is lack of awareness and their limiting beliefs. I started One-Eleven Companies to empower people with the tools and mindset to get what they want NOW!

I would like to address several of the arguments, pieces of business advice and recent blogs. The argument of women acting like “Alpha Males” is based upon a false dichotomy between men and women. Since the inception of gender studies, people have tried to label certain traits innate to men or innate to women. Despite decades of scholarly attempts to support this theory, time and time again it does not withstand scrutiny. What has been proven is that language creates what we call gender and through socialization girls and boys are taught to act in certain ways. Telling women that they have to act like men in order to succeed in business is telling women that they are innately deficient and inferior to men. The truth is that certain personality traits and behaviors will help you succeed in business no matter your gender. We still to have a long way to go, but training women to act like men went out with shoulder pads.

Mr. Flett’s attempt to ‘classify’ women’s behavior as B*tch, Mother, Geisha and Wh*re only adds to the stereotypes and dichotomy that successful business professionals are busting through daily. To be a successful business professional (male or female) you must embody a chameleon behavior, being able to shift into the mindset, behavior and attitude to suit your client, employees and situation at any given opportunity. Mr. Flett came onto the show and sat opposite “Powerful Alpha Women” who are successful in business and proclaimed that in order for women to be successful they have to act as “Alpha Males.” Sorry Chris, we already have the skills, the brains and success in our own right and don’t have to act like “Alpha Males” to make that happen. Besides after experiencing your arrogance, sarcasm and all out jerky behavior – why would I take any advice from you. You are a sad example of Alpha Male Behavior and you should be apologizing for how you made all the great “Alpha Males” look. Disgraceful…


Also on Mr. Flett’s blog he makes reference to a discussion with me after the show where, he claims to have asked me, “Do you think we offered any value to the viewers? Do you think they got any tools to support them at work tomorrow?” He also claims that “(I) She didn’t have a response.”

Well that is accurate, I didn’t have any response! After completing the shoot, I immediately left the studios and headed directly to the airport to catch my return flight. No such conversation ever occurred. An interesting accusation and interpretation of events; Mr. Flett created an untrue example in an attempt to be right or better than because quite honestly he failed on the show. Chris, you were not ready for the show and got your @$# handed to you.

Let me tell you, you have a lot to learn. You have been attempting to make a name for yourself while putting others down. You have posted numerous blogs and accounts of “The Big Idea” Experience that are completely inaccurate while attempting to make yourself look better. Come on Chris, is that the only way for you to get exposure? Why not stand up for human rights of all people and make a difference for everyone.

For anyone interested in discovering their own “Inner Alpha” please contact me directly at info@one-elevencompanies.com.