Chrysler: What Gives?

The signs are not good.

From Chrysler's decision to stop leasing cars, to its recent decisions to cut staff and close plants, to its lack of major new product announcements, there is little of late inspiring confidence that this company can stage a comeback.

I haven't thrown in the towel on Chrysler, but I have to admit that I wonder what this company will do to get through this drought in auto sales.

Chrysler President Jim Press and Chief Executive Bob Nardelli have said time and again that Chrysler has the money and game plan to ride out this rough spot and grow the business. Yes, we know of the plans to streamline the product line, but we're still waiting to see the new models Nardelli & company are banking on to revive interest and sales in Chrysler.

The skeptic says Chrysler under Cerberus Capital is a company that is cutting, cutting, cutting and getting to a size where it's an attractive candidate to be merged or sold to another automaker.

The optimist says Jim Press and product planners at Chrysler will give us the models to show us this brand can thrive on its own.

So where do you stand? Do you honestly believe Chrysler as we know it today will be here a year from now? Or do you look at its truck-heavy portfolio and wonder if the company's sales will create a more desperate situation?

There are arguments to support both opinions. What do you say?

The Competition:

Toyota Motor

General Motors

Ford Motor

Honda Motor

Nissan Motor


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