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Driving Profits

“One of the reasons we like it is because—it fits—it dovetails very nicely within the context of both a weak economic environment but somebody who is doing something in a socially responsible way… This is a really good idea, in the midst of what has been a terrible auto market—auto sales down 15- 20 percent year over year— Honda actually has increasing unit sales year over year. And it is a function of the fact that they have one of the most fuel-efficient fleets of automobiles in the world.”

Andy Bischel, SKBA Capital Management

Div. Yield + Valuation + Catalyst = Profit

“Mattel has a very attractive dividend yield just under four percent, a compelling valuation around 11 times next year’s earnings, and the fundamental catalyst is going to drive the stock price higher over the next 12 to 18 months…They have the licensing arrangement with The Dark Knight, so they have a tremendous blockbuster movie that’s going to drive toy sales. They have great brands out there, with American Girl, Fisher-Price, Hot Wheels, and then they’ve got the new Elmo Live toy coming towards the end of the year…So we really are excited about the opportunity for Mattel over the next 12 to 18 months.”

Don Wordell, Ridge Worth Mid-Cap Value fund Manager

Wordell also likes: Hanover Insurance Group

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Energizing Your Portfolio

"First Solar: Great earnings -- they beat on the top line and the bottom line -- we love this stock."

Dave Rovelli, Canaccord Adams

"I think we have a floor below us that's somewhere around 5 or 6 percent below where we are right now...You have to buy into this market; you have to get a ticket on this ride, or you will eventually be left behind sometime in `09, but I think you have to be very selective in the sectors and the stocks you go into."

Dan Genter, RNC Genter Capital Management

Genter likes: Schlumberger, Diamond Offshore, Devon and Chesapeake

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