Best Trades Now: Pawnshops, Biotech & More

To give investors an edge, CNBC asked the experts for their best trades now.

It's in the Can

“They coat, for instance, cans of preserved foods so that the metal does not get into the food… If you think about it, Erin, most people think GRA is a construction company; in reality it’s a chemical company. If you think about people, and you think the economy is going to be slow and they’re not going to be buying the meats at the store, going out to the restaurants, they’re probably going to buy more canned goods going forward… which just means you’re going to coat more cans.”

Neil Hennessy, Hennessy Focus 30 Fund portfolio manager

Hennessy also likes: SPX Corp.

Pawnshop Stocks

"They (EZCorp) are in the process of closing on an acquisition of privately held Value Pawn...I think that's going to add about $125 million in revenue next year...the company's done a wonderful job of moving into the Mexican pawn market."

Daniel O'Sullivan, Utendahl Capital Partners Analyst

O'Sullivan also likes: Cash America and First Cash Financial Services

Making Money Now

"We still like infrastructure...We like the health care group, especially the biotechs and medical and surgical supply, and I do think that energy has not broken...that energy is still intact for the long term."

Eugene Peroni, Advisors Asset Management

Peroni likes: Gilead Sciences, Core Laboratories and Badger Meter

Micro-Cap Play

“Allied Defense is a micro-cap, so investors on CNBC should be careful about this one, because it can be moved around pretty readily. It trades at less than five times earnings...they make mortar shells, and sell them to foreign governments; it’s a great business; backlogs have been building."

Scott Barbee, Aegis Value Fund Portfolio Manager

Barbee also likes: Callon Petroleum

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