Sally Miller - Steps to a Startup


I am the owner and sole designer of Sally Miller, a luxury tween apparel brand. I started my own business 19 months ago. It was not something that I planned! I just knew waking up one day that I wanted to be on my own more than anything. There was no turning back! This past year, in addition to shipping to major retailer’s world wide including Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom and Fred Segal, I have also launched my ecommerce website

In a few short weeks, my first retail store opens!

When I started, I was recently divorced with two amazing 'tween girls. I bought my ex out so there was no cash lying around! I did not know how I was going to finance the business!

Here is what I did:

  • I first started to put together a realistic business plan.
  • I trademarked my name.
  • I interviewed a gazillion financial advisors, attorney’s (make sure you know ahead of time if they will charge you, they usually do not the first time) and factors.
  • I made sure that my sales reps were on board as well as the suppliers.
  • Suppliers - If they believe in you, they will work out payment plans and help finance until you ship. It i s critical that they get paid when promised.
  • Check out the SBA (Small Business Association) They are a great and a reputable resource for the new entrepreneur.
  • Building honest relationships with suppliers and treating them as partners is the only way to have long term successful relationships.
  • I believe in an organic approach to building a business, not pushing too hard and making decisions based on my “golden gut”, no matter what.
  • I believe that we only have one reputation and it follows us wherever we go!
  • Having integrity and respect for ourselves and others is what makes the brand authentic and unique.

For all of you thinking about going on your own, or are on your own, I wish you all of the success you deserve!!

Follow your heart…follow your “golden gut”!