"FourTwenty Friendly" Means What? A PG-13 Funny Business.

Pineapple Express

First, the funny business of apartment hunting.

With the release this week of Sony's R-rated "Pineapple Express", I learned I am officially old. My daughter is getting ready to move away to school, and we've been scouring Craigslist for students looking to find a roommate. I showed her a bunch of good possibilities, people looking for a female roommate who is "clean, responsible, hard-working..." and then I found a few looking for someone who is "four-twenty friendly." So, don't laugh, I actually thought this was some hip, new way of saying "24/7 friendly," as in friendly all the time. I thought, "How sweet, they're looking for someone who's really friendly!"

Um, that's not what it means. Apparently, as my daughter pointed out, "four-twenty friendly" means you don't mind if the roommate smokes pot. Here is Snopes.com's take on the term's history. I guess I'm sort of surprised someone would put that in a classified, but I found it in several places like here. I'm not surprised that I still have a lot to learn.

Fake Jane
Fake Jane


E-cards are BIG business. I, Fake Jane, love them because they're usually free and don't require the painstaking work of actually writing a note and mailing it. Point, click, done. But I'm sick of sappy e-cards. Now, e-cards that are just sick! Here they are, at Some Ecards. Today's top-mailed e-card from the site is "This Friendship Day, let's pause to remember how empty our lives would be without alcohol," and the most popular e-card is, "When work feels overwhelming, remember that you're going to die." Warning: some of the cards are a bit potty-mouthed ("May you live long enough to s--- yourself"), and a few are four-twenty friendly. FJ's favorite is really, really inappropriate (not for kids).

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