Top Dividend Stocks for Turbulent Times

Companies with good dividend payments are attractive during periods of market volatility, Wouter Weijand, chief investment officer of high income equity at Fortis Investments said Friday.

And Procter & Gamble, Acer and Bank of Cyprus all look attractive for solid returns Weijand said.

Despite the shares not performing too well this year, US consumer staples P&G is a good buy, as the company has 52 years of steady dividend increases and a very shareholder-friendly environment, according to Weijand.

"We think the company is very well positioned, very 'steady Eddie' and too cheap, an international attractive company," he said on "Worldwide Exchange."

Although the threat of a slowing global demand is increasing, Taiwanese PC maker Acer is also attractive as its sales are up 40 to 60 percent in both notebooks and desktop PCs and it is ranked third behind Hewlett-Packard and Dell, Weijand said.

"They are focusing on the sort of lower end, the cheaper side of the market and that's where the market is moving to and they are very competitively positioned there," he said.

The tech company's operating profit is rising and it is able to negotiate better terms for components after taking over Gateway last year and its dividend yield is an attractive 5.7 percent, Weijand told CNBC.

According to Weijand, another good investment is Bank of Cyprus, which has little exposure to the credit crisis.

"They have large deposits. Interestingly of course, they are joining the European Union so they can also take (direct) euro deposits," Weijand said.

The company has a big position in Cyprus and a smaller position in Greece and its niche growth is in south-east Europe.

It is expected to grow 10 percent this year and next year. And its dividend is 5 percent.