Phelps Is Maxxed Out On Friends

Michael Phelps with a Fu Manchu.
Michael Phelps with a Fu Manchu.

With a gold in the 4x100 relay this morning, Michael Phelps now has eight gold medals to his name and two for this Olympiad. The bad news? He's not allowed to have any more friends.

On Friday, the day of the Opening Ceremony, Phelps reached the limit on his facebook page of 5,000 friends. More than 1,600 come from the University of Michigan, where Phelps goes to school, almost 200 come from New York and about 170 friends come from Baltimore, his hometown.

Thanks to my friend Ben Sturner of Leverage Agency, who just happens to be selling corporate naming rights to the Bird's Nest and the Water Cube, for giving me this tip.

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