Burger King Employee "Sinks" Self In Bath Stunt

Check out the first video below of Burger King employee Timothy Tackett--also known as "Mr. Unstable"--taking a bath in the sink at a BK in Xenia, Ohio.

This guy works at Burger King? Would you buy food from him? Well, he now feels awful about what happened. Tackett explained in an interview that he pulled the stunt for his birthday and that he wasn't really naked. He also says the sink was cleaned and scrubbed thoroughly BEFORE he stepped in because, "It was kinda nasty for me to get in there, for my skin." Nice. Tackett adds the sink was even more thoroughly cleaned and scrubbed afterwards, and that him being in the sink is "not as nasty as it looks."

But after posting the video on his MySpace page, it eventually caught the eye of local health department officials, and Burger King was notified. The chain fired Tackett, as well as the manager on duty. She is seen in the video at the front of the restaurant closing out the registers for the night, and Tackett says he intentionally chose that time to pull his prank because "she's got the safe open and three cash registers out, she can't walk back there and stop me."

Burger Kingreleased a statement saying it was cooperating with health officials. It has thoroughly sanitized the sink and "disposed of all other kitchen tools and utensils that were used."

Tackett, a musician, takes full responsibility, saying "I didn't think this through." In this follow up interview he did with local station WHIO, Tackett apologizes to the manager who lost her job, to Burger King for "portraying the company in a bad light," and to the city of Xenia. Reaction to the video is mixed, but one viewer said everyone needs to stay calm: "Seriously, the dude worked at Burger King, it's not like he's at a five star restaurant...Is the guy the smartest cookie in the jar, probably not but hey, it was his birthday and now you are paying his unemployment!"

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