Donny's Blog: Brand YOU


Ben from Santa Barbara writes:

Hi Donny,

I am frustrated and feel I have hit the roof and cannot go any further on the job ladder. I feel like I’m stuck being a barista but I know I’m capable of more. My store manager is not really giving me a chance. I don't want to lose my job and I would like to eventually start a business in coffee or venture capital. What should I do?

Hi Ben,

So you’re not quite where you want to be. The drive upward is universal - everyone wants something more! So how are YOU going to get there?

First of all, create yourself as a BRAND. In order to do this you have to first say, "Why Not Me?". Lens it through your own eyes. You can never change your status, you can never change the way in which you are viewed, if you don’t feel confident you deserve that promotion. You must be secure in the fact that you deserve better. This is a basic prerequisite for advancement. Once you have established that you’re entitled to more than you have, you’re in a position to move forward.

The next thing you have to do is ask yourself, "What’s my dream?". Start with your skill set, draw a dotted line to capability, and from there to "Where do I want to be?". That’s the goal. Then, to begin attaining that goal, ask yourself: What does that person look like? Feel like? Act like? Where does this person go? Do your homework, learn as much as you can about what it is you want to do.

If you want to advance don’t be afraid to ask for more challenging assignments from your manager. At whatever level you find yourself, try to position yourself as part of the next tier. The more responsibility you take on, the more trust you will earn from your manager. Keep your eye on your long-term goals and start climbing up that ladder now! Thanks for your email Ben and best of luck!

I want to hear from the rest of you. What kind of workplace challenges have you faced and how did you overcome them? Send me an email!