Today's Top Videos: Heinz CEO, Lehman & More ...

Dick Bove, analyst at Landenburg Thalmann, gives Lehman Brothers a "buy" rating, and the Heinz chief executive talks about his company's strong earnings. Following are today's top videos:

New York Attorney General Cuomo on Auction Rate Probe

“Our main goal is to fix the problem, we’re following the people. And if you look at the way we’re going through the investigation—starting with the largest banks in terms of the number of people involved, people who bought these auction rate securities—and we’re working our way down the list. We’re now focusing on some of the mid-size players in the market.”

-Andrew Cuomo, Attorney General, New York State

Dick Bove on Lehman

“If you thought that Lehman was a vibrant, growing company and that it was doing well in a series of areas, ranging from investment banking to all of the other businesses that they are involved in, both in the United States and out of the United States—you would want the people, want the infrastructure, you would want what they have built up in the market place.”

-Dick Bove, Analyst, Landenburg Thalmann

Water Indexes Weaken

“[Water tracking indexes have] certainly made a good investment over five years and you could always look towards the longer term. Over the last five years, global water’s up approximately 200 percent. Asia hasn’t had a very good last few months—it’s off worse than everything else. I can’t give you investment advise, but to me, it’s been a good investment over the past few years.”

-Gareth Parker, Director, Index Research & Standard and Poor’s

Heinz CEO on Growth

“Actually, we did discover a cure to a horrible disease—it’s called: "people like tasting good food," and we provide them the means to do so. We have great brands and great people and the right geography. And ketchup goes well with anything, as do french fries, as do Heinz gravy! So there’s a lot of different products that appeal to a lot of different people.”

-Bill Johnson, CEO, Heinz

Maria's Market Message

“Concerns over oil and the U.S. dollar headlining the markets this Thursday. Oil prices shot up nearly $6 a barrel, that’s the highest level in two weeks as escalating tensions with Russia fueled fears of supply disruptions to the west. Meanwhile, weakening U.S. dollar reviving the demand for commodities as alternative investments. Right now, commodities heading to their third biggest weekly gain in more than three decades.”

-Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, CNBC’s Closing Bell