Viva Las Vegas! -- Reports From Sin City


Welcome to Las Vegas Sign
Welcome to Las Vegas Sign

I'm heading to Las Vegas. I'll be filing live reports from there Wednesday on how the economy may be hurting Sin City, both in gaming and Strip mega-developments. We're also going to look at residential real estate in a place where bubble grew the biggest -- and popped the loudest.

There will be plenty of Web extras, as only a fraction of my work will make air (hard to compete with Freddie and Fannie and "Joe-bama" -- or "O-Biden" -- this week).

Getting to Vegas has been more challenging than it used to be. The flights out of Burbank were all sold out when I booked Friday morning. This is a first, and a sign that either travel is more robust than we've been led to believe, or the airlines have reduced capacity to the appropriate level, or both.

Which means I'm investing in Southwest -- that is, by flying them out of LAX. Ah, LAX in the morning, when the line to Terminal 1 stretches all the way to Terminal 2. That hasn't changed. But they sure do keep you moving and the TSA employees are friendly. It's like waiting to go on Space Mountain at Disneyland...without the Disneyland part.

Stay tuned to Wednesday's coverage, which will include an interview with MGM Mirage Chairman and CEO Terry Lanni.

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