Introducing Our Dow 30 page

Some days it's all about the Dow, isn't it? Well, we've made it a little easier to follow.

We have a brand spanking new Dow 30 page. Actually, it's four pages. One page with a quick, overall view, then 3 pages with more in-depth looks at what the 30 stocks making up the Dow Jones Industrial Index are doing.

So now, when the Dow is down, you can quickly and easily find out which stocks are to blame. Conversely, if the Dow is up, you can quickly find out which company should get a "Thank You" note.

Hope this proves useful to you all.

P.S. To job seekers here at We make you take a test. One of the questions is: "How many stocks are in the Dow? Name 3 ..." This is a good page to study.