Mad Mail: Is Corning Cracked?

Jim: Why is my beloved Corning still being shorted? It looks like a very cheap stock right now. --Larry

Cramer says: “I looked at it under $20 today, and I was shocked that it was down there. They have tremendous exposure to big-screen TVs, to glass and obviously people think there’s a worldwide slowdown. I think the stock’s overdone to the downside. Also, they have that great fiber business that Verizon’s using. I don’t know. Do I want to start a position in it now? Kind of tempting, frankly…”

Jim: I watched your "Why I Quit My Hedge Fund Job" segment and want to thank you for teaching us about the game. As someone who recently dropped out, excuse me, took a "leave of absence" from USC Law School to teach math…I related very much to your story (except the rich, successful part). I like your show because you're raw and honest and have no position in stocks, which makes you more trust worthy. It's harder to piece through the BS that a lot of analysts dish out…Do you think the government will go along with the Pickens Plan, and will it matter whether democrats or republicans are in control? Thanks again, keep up the good work. --Matt

Cramer says: “I think it has to be. But not for the reasons that are just because natural gas is plentiful. But because I think energy independence is going to become the issue for the next 10 years in this country – or as long as it takes us to become independent.”

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