More Manly News

On the heels of my "Why George Clooney Can't Help That He Will Never Marry" genetics blockbuster, comes Prostate Cancer Awareness Month (although Kansas celebrated it in June).

Here's the latest headline grabbing my attention from...Urology Times.

Just renewed my subscription, and it's a good thing: Apparently some doctors are working on "the male lumpectomy," a process called "focal cryoablation."

A company called Endocare (a teeny tiny microcap that isn't profitable yet) says the procedure is the happy middle ground between doing nothing and, well, taking out the whole thing.

"Focal cryoablation is a minimally-invasive method of freezing and destroying only the cancerous portion of the prostate gland while leaving the healthy tissue and the nerves intact." A study showed that more than half the patients who were potent before the treatment regained potency within six months, and "more than 74 percent resumed potency within 36 months."

So why am I talking about this? Because I learned something very important. According to the company, men facing prostate cancer have two worries, in this order of priority: 1) dying, 2) any treatment will "kill their sex lives."

So there is actually ONE THING more important than sex.

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