Want Mel to show up at YOUR house?  Read this blog.

By Mel Robbins
Host, Make It Happen with Mel Robbins

Do you actually believe that watching a TV show or reading a blog can lead to real change?


Silly notion, right? Well, if you believe it’s silly let me save you some time. Just stop reading now. The rest of what I have to say is of no interest to you.

I host a daily radio show - Make It Happen with Mel Robbins (click here to listen right now online); I host a celebrity interview series for Borders books; I work with Kaplan to create coaching products for kids to master the mental game behind the SATs and I've just signed on as a regular contributor to Donny's show.

Everything I do is about one thing - helping people make changes in their life, on their terms, according to their goals - (and where ever possible having a hell of a lot fun doing it).

Over the last decade I've spoken with thousands of people who are stuck.

When you feel stuck, you feel isolated, reactionary and worried.

And that's exactly how Rick and Sandie felt when they got blindsided by a layoff.

Rick and Sandie watched a TV show that lead to their biggest dreams coming true.

They are huge fans of Donny's show - and watch religiously. They learned about me from the show and started listening to my syndicated radio show every day online.

As soon as Rick got laid off - Sadie emailed me immediately at radio@melrobbins.com sharing her story and asking for advice.

I knew a lot of folks could relate to their problem so I forwarded their email onto Donny. And Donny in turn sent me to California to work a little Big Idea magic.

But what resulted from a simple email - is really quite extraordinary:

*Rick avoided making a huge mistake. Instead of getting yet another job - he started a whole new chapter in his life. One where he was in control.

*He realized that his passion in life - is sales. Only he could never tap it because he was always doing it for someone else...lack of control clouded his enjoyment.

*He stopped looking for a product to sell and a job to land and started to take control and tapped into his passion by seeing himself and his sales expertise as the product.

*He sent out proposals as a sales consultant instead of resumes. In 6 days flat he has landed two clients. He launched a website www.rickaudette.com and a LinkedIn profile.

Change can be so simple. Help is really so close.

So send the email. Tell me your story. Describe what's got you stuck. And yes, I might just hop a flight, come to your house, listen to you and help you solve your problem - because helping you get unstuck in life - is my calling.

You read this blog.

Sending the email is up to you.

- Mel