Results of the CNBC/LinkedIn Job Security Poll

Almost half of American workers are concerned about their personal job security, according to a CNBC/LinkedIn poll conducted prior to today’s announcement from the Labor Department that the unemployment rate jumped to 6.1 percent in August, its highest level in five years.

According to the poll conducted on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network, 47 percent of professionals said the current economic downturn is making them feel less secure in their jobs. In contrast, only 27 percent of respondents outside the United States said they felt less secure about their employment status (see charts below). Over 28,000 LinkedIn members responded to the poll, which asked the question, “Has your job security been impacted by the current economic conditions?”

Further illustrating the reach of America’s housing crisis, nearly two-thirds (62 percent) of professionals in construction or building related industries said they’re concerned about their job security. Other industries with high levels of job security concerns are retail (55 percent), finance (53 percent) and marketing and advertising (51 percent).

On the other hand, individuals working in information technology, entertainment and the non-profit world report significantly higher levels of perceived job security.

Regionally, Houston, at 34 percent, has the lowest percentage of professionals worried about losing their jobs. Noteworthy, Texas was named CNBC’s Top State for Business this year.

In contrast, Boston, at 65 percent sees the most uncertainty about job security.

See the charts below for a complete breakdown: