New Company Makes Clean A Lot More Green


That old standby of washing the car in the driveway is an environmental hazard, it turns out. But that doesn't mean the days of hand washing have to come to an end. There's an eco-friendly alternative to the harsh soaps and detergents called G-Wash. It's made with "nano-balls" as Jeff Marshall, President & CEO of Green Earth Technologies explains.

What is Green Earth Technologies?
We invented this technology, based on nano science to address two big problems - oil dependence and environmental pollution. We started by looking at lubricant. Now we have many all natural, totally biodegradable lubricant and cleaning products.

Can you tell us a little bit about the technology?
It's all natural. We use grape skins, coconut skins, beet skins and the like. And we inject it with nano-balls, which are just nano particles balled together. This is a new invention. A new wave. And the U.S. is leading the wave of the future. There's a lot of science to it but it's very simple. It can be used in motors and other machinery, outdoor powerwashers, and also in any sort of automotive cleaner.

You have car washing products, for consumers, based on this technology?
It's called G-Wash. All our products start with G. When you wash your car everything going down the drain is biodegradable.
This is the first time consumers can buy something all green, pay no premium, and it works better than anything on the market.

So how's business?
We just started shipping products in July. Now we're growing rapidly. Home Depot, Amazon, lots of other stores carry our products.

How did you get the money for the start-up? Do you have plans to expand?
I put my own money in, friends contributed. We're expanding. And we don't need capital right now. We have operations in several states, we're shipping in volume, and sales are funding our operations now.

Are you making a profit?
We are just starting to make a profit.

What's ahead?
There are 100 inventions coming out of our laboratory. We'll have additional oil products this fall. Non-petroleum products, with zero carbon footprint, that don't smoke.
We are also donating cleaning products to schools.

One of the most unique things we do is we have performance products, products that go into the car. And we have appearance products, products that make the car, the windshield, the tires look better. We also have odor eliminators.

One of our employees had a kid with dirty, smelly hockey gloves. We use nano-balls to take apart the bacteria that smells and the odor is eliminated.

We are working on de-icing fluid and hydraulic fluid for aircraft, and lubricant oils for the marine industry. The marine industry is very excited about our products. You can spill it overboard and not worry about killing fish.

It's very exciting. Our products are used by kids, on ranches, on boats, on planes. Our company can solve lots of problems.