Wednesday's Viewer Favorite: Friendship Bags

By Daisy Cook
Creator, Friendship Bags
I loved hearing two thumbs up from Daymond John! What an honor hearing such a complement from the creator of FUBU & Shalini Vadhera –such an amazing women and so encouraging. I


hope that one day soon I can turn this into a Multi Million Dollar idea and hang with the power panelists

Thank you to Mr. Tait as well – My cousin’s are obsessed with Cranium. If only I had another 30 seconds to win you over!

I’m not just a handbag designer: I am creating a lifestyle brand. Building the interactive website has been a job in itself - conceptualizing characters that have longevity, telling girls a compelling story and at the same time designing a stylish handbag collection.

At girls can come with their Best Friends to become virtual fashion designers, meet and blog with the Rebelle Girlz – who all represent a different altruistic quality. There is a total void in the market for wholesome Tween products: I created Rebelle to literally Re-Belle against the "bimbocracy" that popular culture seems to be creating for these girls. Glamorizing teen pregnancy and the worship of brands the glorify “Bratz.” I am celebrating the core elements of what makes these girls HAPPY: Friendship.

Ten year old girl’s think they can change the world and we are going to help them begin to do just that: 2 at a time….What can 1 Million Girlz and their B.F.F.’s do to change the world: Million Girls Squared.

Thanks Donny & thanks to Melanie!