Shoot The Messenger? No Coffee For Reporters Of Lehman


Reporters are camped out en masse outside Lehman's headquarters, including our Rebecca Jarvis. Attached is a photo a Lehman employee shot of a sign at a coffee shop there.

It says "No coffee for reporters of Lehman Brothers." Even in these hard economic times, even as it's increasingly likely Lehman's coffee business may taper off, one loyal vendor stands firm.

Regarding my coverage of Washington Mutual's situation,a few emails.

From Lawrence M. wants to send petitions to CNBC, NBC, and GE about reporting like mine:
"The only thing that is funny is the fact is that you idiot news reporters still have a job ! ! ! ! It is so annoying to constantly read all the negative BS that CNBC and others have put out on the financials and continue to try and offer more ammunition to shorts that are seeking to derail these company's valuation such as WaMu. You people are a disgrace to America. At a time when all of our citizens should be pulling together to try and support our institutions from falling, and help those that would be collaterally affected from a failing bank institution, the news media continues to hammer away with negativity. There is no place in the world for these anti-productive types of pessimistic efforts and always looking at the glass as half empty. What a sad life you guys must have..."

Lawrence, not as sad as those people who didn't get their money out of Indymac in time.

From Hondo:
"...why is not the new CEO Fishman coming out to give some support? I am a shareholder of WM as well as many other banks (UGH), and it would seem to me that the new head of the bank would want to try to quiet the nerves of the shareholders, employees, etc. Any ideas on your end of why Fishman has not come public even though he just came on board early this week?"

My only thought is that he may be neck deep in trying to figure out WaMu's true situation.


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