NFL Suicide Pools: Millions Lost

If you are a gambler, you are familiar with NFL suicide pools. The idea is that you can only pick one team per week to win. If that team loses, you are eliminated.

It's best with the NFL, because there is such parity that there's always a pretty steady weeding out every week. But this year is the most brutal—with only three teams (the Buffalo Bills, Tennessee Titans and New York Giants) still undefeated. Two losses, in particular, over the past two weeks have created havoc in the pools, translating into untold millions of dollars lost by the participants.

Last week, the Patriots lost to the Miami Dolphins, halting their 21-game regular season winning streak. This week, the previously undefeated Denver Broncos lost by 14 to the lowly Kansas City Chiefs, who hadn't won in a franchise record 12 games.

I know two people who are in NFL suicide pools, who gave me the numbers on the amount of people standing after Week 4. Check out how similar the data is as far as the percent of people out.

Pool No. 1: 98 entries in pool, 12 entries remaining (87.8 percent eliminated)

Pool No. 2: 52 entries in pool, 7 entries remaining (86.6 percent eliminated)

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