Video: Maria Bartiromo's Market Message

Maria Bartiromo discusses Thursday's top business and financial stories, and looks ahead to tomorrow's events.

(Watch her on-air: CNBC TV's Closing Bell.)

Topics discussed in video above:

- Jobless claims at 7-year high

- Shares of General Electric (parent company of CNBC) dropped almost 10 percent Thursday, following the sale of shares to investors including Warren Buffett. The drop raised doubts about the commercial paper market.

- Oil prices dropped

- Gold prices also slid as the dollar gained against a basket of currencies.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Eli Lilly was the "mystery bidder" for ImClone . Bristol-Myers Squibb had raised its own bid for the biotech, with which it partners on cancer treatment Erbitux.

- Friday's earnings reports:
-- Cigna
-- Family Dollar