Series Hosted by CNBC's Donny Deutsch and Presented In Association with BT

"Collaboration Now" Will Help All Organizations Navigate the New Waves of Collaboration to Help Them Recognize and Implement Effective Collaborative Strategies in a Competitive Global Environment

ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, N.J. – October 13, 2008 –

Collaboration is a top priority on every organizational agenda, but does your collaboration have the ingredients it needs to succeed?

"Collaboration Now," CNBC's groundbreaking series presented in association with BT, brings together the finest minds creating an open forum discussion on collaboration and offers a clear action plan for getting successful collaborations off the ground, determining roles and evaluating their results. In order to meet the ever-rising demands and expectations of the global marketplace, organizations will need to redefine the rules of collaboration, build trust in new ways, collaborate in virtual environments and partner with those that help make it happen. The five-part series explores the topic of collaboration in today's business world beginning Sunday, October 12th at 8PM and 1AM ET and will air for five consecutive Sundays at 8PM and 1AM ET on CNBC, First in Business Worldwide.*

The series, hosted by CNBC's Donny Deutsch, will broadcast globally across the CNBC network and its affiliates.

"The time to use collaboration as a tool for success is now," said Susan Krakower, Vice President, Strategic Programming and Development, CNBC. "Collaboration is becoming a necessary tool to compete in an ever demanding global environment and this series unlocks the secrets of effective collaboration helping organizations stay ahead of the curve."

"We are very pleased to be working with CNBC again," said Julie Woods-Moss, President of Strategy, Marketing and Propositions, BT. "The channel is able to provide us with direct access to an audience of high-profile, C-suite executives."

Each one-hour episode will explore a different aspect of Collaboration using CNBC's global newsgathering capabilities and a series of high-profile collaboration champions, business leaders, globally renowned CEOs, respected academics and noted authors including Tom Freston, Former CEO Viacom; Paul Otellini, CEO of Intel; Howard Schultz, Starbucks CEO; Joe Gibbs, Former Redskins Coach; Brian Mulroney, Former Canadian Prime Minister; Anousheh Ansari, First Women Private Space Explorer; Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix; Gary Bettman, NHL Commissioner; Bobby Shriver, Co-founder RED; Dr. Peter Diamandis, Chairman & CEO, X Prize & Co-founder Space Adventures; Dr. Ranjay Gulati, Professor, Harvard Business School and Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University; David Kepler, CIO, Dow Chemicals; Yvon Chouinard, CEO Patagonia; Johan Hoegstedt, VP, US Strategic Planning and Development, AstraZeneca; among others, to provide the successful collaborative formula essential to competing in a global arena from building a collaborative infrastructure to developing and nurturing a collaborative culture to ultimately increasing the bottom line

The series also features renowned collaboration experts and big thinkers including Evan Rosen, Communications and Collaboration Specialist and author "The Culture of Collaboration"; Chrystia Freeland, U.S. Managing Editor, Financial Times; Richard Tait, Founder, BoomBoom & former CEO of Cranium; Dr. Keith Sawyer, Professor of psychology and education at Washington University and author "Group Genius: The Creative Power of Collaboration"; Andy Stefanovich, Business consultant and Founder, Play; Sheila Johnson, Co-Founder BET, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist; Deepak Malhotra, Associate Professor, Harvard Business School; and Jeff Howe, Contributing Editor, Wired Magazine and author "Crowdsourcing"; among others to dissect the topic and provide guidance for viewers seeking to collaborate in their own organizations. With each episode, "Collaboration Now" examines successful case studies redefining the rules of collaboration and helping viewers and organizations reinvent themselves to stay competitive.

CNBC's "Collaboration NOW" will feature the following episodes:

· Collaborating to Compete –

probes the secrets to effective, efficient and competitive collaboration. In a climate that's ripe for rich, real-time collaboration, organizations will learn how to redefine the word and incorporate it into their long-term plans, build trust in relationships, use technology to explain the scope of their collaborative efforts and partner for ultimate success.

· Human Resources –

probes leadership and management principles that help facilitate productive collaborations in the global landscape. Through examining leadership in a new collaborative culture, effective team building, profiting from global work sharing and bridging the great collaboration divide between the generations, organizations will learn how to make the most of their human capital.

· Profiting from Collaboration –

probes the way in which organizations can use collaboration to increase their bottom line. Through evaluating the risks and rewards of collaboration, understanding collaboration as a function of customer service and unlocking the secrets to attaining financing for collaborative projects, organizations will be able to turn collaboration into a real-time, advantageous, profit driving aspect of their business.

· The New CSR: Collaborative Social Responsibility –

CSR stands for Collaborative Social Responsibility and this episode probes the ways in which groups can successfully collaborate to tackle ethical issues on a global scale. Through the examination of new collaborative trends, profit and non-profit pairings, collaborations that cure the planet's problems, and fueling the fture, organizations will learn how to work with others to turn green into gold.

· The Future of Collaboration–

probes the collaborative tools, technologies and approaches that will inspire economic growth into the future. Through examination of next generation technology, future innovation, mechanisms for reinvention and new ways to conduct R&D, organizations will learn what they'll need for Collaboration 2.0.

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Donny Deutsch is the host of CNBC's "The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch" (10PM ET). The executive producer of CNBC's "Collaboration Now" is Mary Duffy.

*Editor's Note: CNBC's "Collaboration NOW" Programming Schedule


Sunday, October 12th at 8PM &1AM ET


Sunday, October 19th at 8PM & 1AM ET


Sunday, October 26th at 8PM & 1AM ET


Sunday, November 2nd at 8PM & 1AM ET


Sunday, November 9th at 8PM & 1AM ET

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