Guest List: Monday 10/20

When Jim Cramer spoke the truth last week on this show, some of you agreed, and some of you were REALLY angry. But you ALL sent the same message LOUD and CLEAR… Main Street America is NOT ready to give up its dream – YOUR dream – and you’re ready for the fight. We revisit the guests from last week to dig deeper into their American Dreams.

Featured Big Network Guests
Chris Keller - Blue Harvest Properties Inc.
Maryel Duzan - Adjunct Instructor - Entrepreneurship
Robert Springston
Joan Ungashick
John B. Cowgill Jr. - Lyon Real Estate
John Wallace
Tracy and Paul Squadrito - Our Hometown Directory & Get Great Water
Renn Vara - SNP Communications
Bob Miller - The Incredibly Edible Cookie Company
Kathy Havrilesko
John Winter - Burrito Jonz
Connie Bondick