Evil Ben Bernanke Halloween Masks Sell Out!

Evil Ben Mask

More Americans are showing an entrepreneurial spirit in the face of crisis! BenandHank.comare selling "Evil Ben" and "Evil Hank" masks for Halloween, representing the dark side of the Fed Chief and the Treasury Secretary.

But the Evil Ben masks have already sold out (they hope to make more after Halloween), and they have "only a handful" of Evil Hank masks left. Each mask sells for $79.90, or you can get the set for $159.80 (uh, so no discount for buying both—exactly what I'd expect from two guys from the U.S. Government).

predatory mortgage broker

Thanks to WallStreetFighter.comfor tipping me off to these must-have items, along with other topical holiday costumes, like the Wall Street Banker costume for dogs, and the "Predatory Mortgage Broker" mask, being sold for $65 byBergenJerseyForeclosures.com.

Ben as Jack Nicholson in the Shining

Though nothing is as scary as this photo reader Cesar NC sent me from Sao Paolo, writing, "This is how I picture Bernanke every time he's about the shake up the markets...I call it "Here comes Bernie!!!"

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